Book Angie for a house concert today!

House Concerts are a lot of fun and no cost to the host. All that’s needed to be a host is:

·        Provide a space for the concert…inside your home, backyard, etc. for a minimum of 25 adult friends(It’s no cost to the host.  The host basically provides the space)

·        Contact friends/family through E-vite, Facebook, email containing the relevant concert information…..description of the music/artist, website link, date/time, amount of the suggested donation (usually $15.00 per person/$25.00 for two people), directions

·         Guests are to bring a covered dish, dessert and their beverage of choice (host may also provide tea, water, soda, etc.) This can be as fancy or as casual as the host desires.  It’s all up to the host.

·        Make a list of friends you think would attend. Guests should RSVP to help you know how many will be at your House Concert. If you would like, Angie has an email list that can join with yours of people who are fans of her music and are interested in attending her House Concerts.

·        Invitation emails should be sent out at least three weeks in advance with follow up emails the week before.  The host keeps a list of the reservations.

·        The concert is usually around 90 minutes. Two sets with a break in between.  The concert usually starts an hour after the guests arrive and share their covered dishes and/or desserts.

·        This is a concert for you and your guests, not background music. The evening is designed to be an enjoyable listening experience.