angie lewis homepage

This is the official website for Angie Lewis. Over the next few weeks this site will be developed around Angie’s new music endeavors. Please bookmark this page and come back to see sneak peeks into this new project.

Angie Lewis has always dreamed big, bold dreams. Putting feet to those dreams has taken her from being a recording artist with a major label, songwriter, sought after speaker, Licensed Professional Counselor, National Certified Counselor to her present dream of blending her love of both music and giving back.

Since her childhood, Angie loved to sing. Telling her not to sing was like telling her not to breathe. At an early age she knew she wanted to pursue a career in music and at the age of 16 Angie’s musical ambitions took a new meaning. She began to seriously study voice and eventually enrolled at the University of South Alabama graduating with a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance. Twenty-four hours after graduation, Angie was off to Nashville to put feet to her dreams.

Angie knew she was going to have to think outside the box if she wanted to get noticed in Music City.

“Amazingly, I got in to see the right people. I was also very persistent. I’m not sure, but I think people were thinking that I would go away if they would just see me” adds Angie. Once inside, Angie, without a demo, surprised music executives with her nontraditional LIVE vocal performance. 

“I think they were in shock that someone was actually standing in front of their desk singing full voice” said Angie.

Nashville music business insiders took notice and Angie soon had recorded albums for The Benson Company/ Power Discs label resulting in several top ten hits on the contemporary Christian music charts. In addition, she was voted among the top three favorite female artists by fans across America in a Contemporary Christian Music Magazine reader’s poll.

After the release of her song, Silent Weeper, a top ten hit on the contemporary Christian music charts, Angie’s heart continued to dream for something new, something more. Out of one man’s conversation with Angie about a post war orphanage, came the song, Silent Weeper. Out of the song came an abundance of stories about people enduring hurt and heartache. The constant reminder of suffering led Angie to graduate school where she earned a Masters degree in counseling. Since 1992, Angie has been in private practice as a Licensed Professional Counselor, National Certified Counselor (specializing in Eating Disorders).

Recently, restlessness filled Angie once again. She felt it was time to combine her love for singing with her desire for giving back. The result will be a new CD (pop, standards/The Great American Song Book, smooth jazz and swing) designed to have the listener share a lasting, emotional musical connection to our everyday life.